The Netherlands offers a wide range of leisure group trips. When you book a group trip through Holland Destination Management, you are guaranteed a unique travel experience for the whole group. We organise your trip from start to finish and devise a programme that matches the interests of your guests.

Options: from the well-known to the well-hidden

Holland Destination Management provides a tailor-made service, meaning that each group trip is different from the next. It gives us great pleasure to introduce your guests to Dutch culture in all its richness and diversity. From activities that everyone has on their to-do list for the Netherlands, such as a boat trip on the canals of Amsterdam or Utrecht, to enjoying traditional Dutch culinary treats like ‘poffertjes’ and ‘bitterballen’. Or a trip to the world-famous Keukenhof, where your guests can admire the endless fields of Dutch tulips. However, the Netherlands has a lot more to offer than windmills and the tulips in the Keukenhof. During your leisure group trip, Holland Destination Management will be glad to show your group the country’s hidden gems and reveal the more surprising and innovative aspects of the Netherlands. What about a trip to a state-of-the-art 3D printing company or a VR Experience of Amsterdam? Or a peek behind the scenes at the world-renowned Concertgebouw or a guided tour of the Artis zoo? We will be glad to put together a programme that matches your group’s needs. Get in touch with us to discuss our group travel options.