Regardless of the kind of group you are travelling with, Holland Destination Management can guarantee you an unforgettable trip! Each group trip organised by Holland Destination Management is unique and planned exclusively on the basis of your particular needs. We are experts on the Netherlands and so we always find the right match for you in terms of travel, accommodation and activities. Treat your guests to a Holland Destination Management group trip!


At Holland Destination Management we are experts in all things Dutch. We know where to find the best beauty spots, hotels and most interesting activities in the Netherlands, and we will be delighted to introduce you to this fantastic country. Holland Destination Management organises your group trip from start to finish: everything from transport and accommodation to unique excursions. You will be assigned a fixed contact person from our team who speaks your language and is familiar with your culture. Holland Destination Management offers tailor-made solutions based on your group’s specific interests. After a personal and warm welcome at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam Central Station or one of our other arrival points, we will take you to the accommodation that best suits the needs of your group. For the duration of the stay we will organise unique and surprising activities for your guests that will introduce them to the many and rich features of Dutch culture and create memories to last a lifetime! Holland Destination Management offers different kinds of group travel: group trips aimed at leisure and special interest travel.


Holland Destination Management organises your group travel down to the very last detail. Our destinations are a guarantee of exciting and absorbing group trips. It gives us great pleasure to help your guests experience Dutch culture in all its richness and diversity. From activities that everyone has on their to-do list, such as a boat trip on the canals of Amsterdam or Utrecht and visiting the world-famous Keukenhof gardens, to unique and creative activities, such as a trip to a 3D printing company or a behind-the-scenes tour of the Concertgebouw.

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Holland Destination Management is also the perfect group travel partner when the aim of your trip is to learn more about a specific subject. To this end, Holland Destination Management maintains an extensive network of local contacts. So, whatever the aim of your trip, we always know how to find the right partners and set up an exciting and comprehensive programme. Regardless of whether your group is interested in modern architecture, sustainable agriculture, Dutch painters or haute cuisine.

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