As a destination management company, Holland Destination Management is an expert on travel to the Netherlands, but it also offers the same service for neighbouring countries. We will be glad to show you what our southern neighbours in Belgium have to offer! Trips in combination with the Netherlands  or Luxembourg are also possible.

Highlights of Belgium

Belgium is made up of two parts: French-speaking Wallonia and Dutch-speaking Flanders. Brussels, the capital city, is the heart of the European Union and home to several EU institutions. A modern and vibrant city, Brussels boasts many interesting activities and cultural attractions. The Manneken Pis statue, the Museum of Fine Arts, the futuristic Atomium and the city’s beautiful Grote Markt all make Brussels a destination well worth visiting. But Belgium has much more to offer as a destination. Antwerp is well known for its historical city centre, where much of its Renaissance and Middle Age architecture has been preserved. It is also the city where Peter Paul Rubens painted most of his works and where you can visit his home and studio. Antwerp is the ideal destination for exploring the rich Flemish culture while enjoying a portion of Flemish fries or a Belgian waffle. The Belgian cities of Ghent and Bruges, also famous for their beautiful and historical city centres and canals, also feature prominently on every visitor’s bucket list.

Your group trip to Belgium

As a destination, Belgium offers many different options for group travel. Holland Destination Management will be glad to help organise a tailor-made travel programme for you. Contact us to discuss the options Holland Destination Management can offer for your trip to Belgium.