If your group has a special interest in a particular theme or subject, at Holland Destination Management we can use our knowledge of a wide range of destinations to put together the perfect special interest package for you. Holland Destination Management has access to an extensive network of local contacts. So whether your group is interested in modern architecture, sustainable agriculture, Dutch painters or haute cuisine, Holland Destination Management can set up an exciting and comprehensive programme for you.

Options: from architecture to sustainable agriculture

Special interest trips can take on many forms, depending on your particular needs. An architecture tour is one of the most popular options. The Netherlands is a paradise for fans of modern architecture. The metropolis of Rotterdam boasts many fascinating examples of modern and innovative Dutch architecture – from the Erasmus Bridge and the city’s famous Cube houses to the splendid new Rotterdam Central Station. If your group is more interested in historical architecture, then the Renaissance centres of Amsterdam and Utrecht in the Netherlands, as well as Bruges and Ghent in Belgium, have more to offer than you could possibly imagine. Other kinds of special interest group travel include trips based on themes such as the Dutch waterworks, famous Dutch painters, sustainable agriculture and Michelin-star restaurants.

Holland Destination Management will be glad to offer you advice on destinations and activities that match the specific wishes and interests of your group. Contact us to find out more about our special interest travel options.