Sport travel Netherlands

Holland Destination Management organises various kinds of sport travel to the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. We provide our destination management services to a wide range of sports teams but are specialised in football-related travel. National teams, Champions League teams like Real Madid and Juventus, Europa League teams: Holland Destination Management can organise every aspect of the trip around your fixture, including travel and accommodation, VIP programmes and food and beverages. Holland Destination Management specialises in dealing with the requirements of sports teams when they come to compete in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. We do this primarily for well-known football teams playing in the Champions League or Europa League, as well as for national teams. In addition to football, Holland Destination Management also provides services for teams in other sports, such as rugby, handball and Formula 1.

Catering for sports teams

Thanks to our tailor-made approach we never lose sight of your team’s best interests. Whether you are travelling for a Europa League game, a Champions League fixture or a major sporting event like the UEFA European Championship, Holland Destination Management will do everything it can to make the trip as pleasant as possible for your team, VIPs, staff and media personnel. As experts on the Benelux, we focus primarily on fixtures and sport events that take place in that region. We have extensive knowledge of the best hotels in the most beautiful and central locations, as well as the most suitable activities for your guests. We have built up such a good working relationship with some football clubs that we also provide our services as a destination management company to them when they are playing in countries outside the Benelux. There is no end to the possibilities Holland Destination Management can offer you in terms of sport travel. Contact us and we will discuss the best options for your team.


Holland Destination Management provides destination management company services for major sport events. We specialise in services for football events. For example, Holland Destination Management is the destination management company of choice for several football teams in Europe.

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Holland Destination Management is the destination management company for many national and Champions League football teams in Europe. Football teams in the Champions League and Europa League have to perform at the highest level. Holland Destination Management contributes to their performance on the pitch by catering for every aspect of the players’ and guests’ trip.

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