Holland Destination Management is the destination management company for many national and Champions League football teams in Europe. Football teams in the Champions League and Europa League have to perform at the highest level. Holland Destination Management contributes to their performance on the pitch by catering for every aspect of the players’ and guests’ trip. We organise all travel, accommodation, logistics at Schiphol airport and in the stadium, food & beverages and any other services that European teams may require before, during and after the game. We provide tailor-made service based on the needs of each team. Holland Destination Management also organises the programme for sponsors, staff, media and other VIPs travelling with Europa League teams and Champions League teams so that they too can fully enjoy the trip, the game and all extra activities. For major sport events Holland Destination Management also provides destination management services for national teams.

Champions League travel in Europe

We have many years of experience working with big Champions League clubs in European football, including Real Madrid, Juventus, SL Benfica, AC Milan, AS Roma, FC Porto and many more. The success of our collaborations in the Netherlands means that Holland Destination Management now operates as the destination management company for many of these clubs outside of the Netherlands too. When these European teams play their Champions League or Europa League fixtures in other European countries, Holland Destination Management organises their travel, accommodation, logistics on location, transport, F&B and programme for important guests. We also organise summer training camp trips for these Champions League clubs. Contact us to find out what Holland Destination Management can do for your football team.